Case Studies - Vehicle Analysis

We are constantly pushing to develop and implement effective strategies enabling our clients to stand tall on the podium. One of the strategies is implementing carefully selected changes to vehicle systems and driver characteristics. We select these changes using mathematical predictions, supporting calculations, track and configuration characteristics, specific on-track testing, and data-driven metrics to evaluate changes and correlate performance impacts on the vehicle and driver. Using our processes we can give teams a  window of clarity in regards to why a race is won or lost. A common studies include but are not limited to:


-Vehicle Subsystem Studies (generic, track specific, driver specific)

-Downforce Vs Drag

-Suspension Alignment Optimization

-Non-Symmetric Alignment vs Contact Patch Optimization

-Tire Managment

-Weight Management

-Balance of Performance


Eliminate the Guess Work!


We are proud to share a few case studies from client's vehicles with values that have been scaled by a client approved amount to ensure confidentially on the data and results found.


In addition to the shared case studies, we have vehicle tests to refine many more aspects:

-Understeer Gradient

-Control Power

-Stability & Control Indices

-Driver Induced Over & Understeer

-And many more










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